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Owner of LucyTwoShoes

Hello and welcome to LucyTwoShoes! 


I am a self-taught artist and have experimented with many mediums over the years. After a career in advertising and printing, and a long stint being home with my children, I now focus on my true passion—executing art in a variety of media including acrylic, pencil, watercolor, gouache, collage, and most recently, the digital realm.  My inspiration is typically found in nature, and from there I love creating textures, colors, and shapes that excite me. 


I am stunned by what technology allows artists to do today, and part of the fun of what I do is discovering new tools, tricks, and textures that can help shape a vision or even give me a new vision entirely. By exploring both the intricacies of the subject matter and the capabilities of technology, I see every project as an opportunity to learn more about both.

I still love to get my hands dirty, and my original mixed media paintings allow me to get back to basics of playing with paint and other materials.


It is a joy to create each of these pieces. I hope you enjoy browsing!! Feel free to reach out anytime,


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