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Hello and welcome to LucyTwoShoes! 


I am a self-taught artist and have experimented with many mediums over the years. After a career in advertising and printing, and a long stint being home with my 2 children, I now focus on my true passion—executing art in a variety of media including pencil, watercolor, gouache, collage and most recently, the digital realm. 


I am stunned by what technology allows artists to do today, and part of the fun of what I do is discovering new tools, tricks, and textures that can help shape a vision or even give me a new vision entirely. By exploring both the intricacies of the subject matter and the capabilities of technology, I see every project as an opportunity to learn more about both.


My giclee prints are reproductions of work I create digitally and reflect my love of color, form, and texture found in nature. Everything I create is an original piece of art using digital brushes, pens, and pencils. I love the versatility of digital art making! Most pieces have a special meaning and message for the viewer. These were so fun to dream up and to create – I hope you enjoy them too. 

Designs for my flour sack dish towels were created using pencil and paper. They are first drawn in pencil, then inked, scanned, and transferred to my computer where I clean up and enhance the illustration. My designs are inspired by my own love of food, wine, and cooking, each with a bit of a humorous twist.  I picked my favorite material for these towels – flour sack cotton – because they are hands down THE BEST towel for drying glasses and dishes, and I love their vintage look. A win win in my book!

Hope you enjoy!! 


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